December 22nd, 2014

How Routine Security Visits Can Benefit Your Commercial Property

How Routine Security Visits Can Benefit Your Commercial Property
It is a well known fact that businesses and commercial properties are brimming with high value items, both tangible such as PCs and electronic equipment, and intangible items such as intellectual property and company procedures. It is also well known that commercial properties are often left unmanned for at least 10 hours or more every day thus providing burglars with an ideal time window to attempt a break-in, locate any items of value that can be sold on easily, remove them from the property and get away without detection. The effects of a burglary on a commercial property can be substantial and could bring down a business due to both the monetary value of items stolen and the damage done due to the theft of intellectual property. At CMS Keyholding, we have a range of services available to help secure your commercial property:
  • Keyholding & Emergency Response
  • Alarm Response
  • Non-Emergency Response
  • Routine Visits
  Our Keyholding & Emergency Response service provides clients with rapid Keyholding response as well as response to any type of emergency such as notifications of a break-in or prowlers and vandals, floods, gas leaks and power outages or even simple lockouts in the event you have lost your set of keys or they were stolen.   Keyholding & Emergency Response   Our Alarm Response service allows our clients to link their Burglar Alarm, Fire Alarm or even Panic Alarm with us meaning that in the event of an activation, we will provide a rapid response, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and we will deal with any situation including liaise with police and third party companies (i.e. if a door or window was smashed and needs replacing.) Furthermore, this service ensures compliance with the Association of Chief Police Officers’ Policy that each premises must have at least one Keyholder who is available to respond to an attendance request at any time. Our Non-Emergency Response core service allows us to offer our clients a number of smaller services such as void property inspections, where we can check-up on your empty commercial property to ensure everything is in order and squatters have not taken up residence for example, provide access to tradesmen/contractors/staff out of hours and generally respond to any situation that is not deemed an absolute emergency. Finally, we offer a Routine Visits service where we can provide response monthly, weekly, daily or even twice a day. This service is especially suitable if you have worker or staff working alone and late, we can unlock or lock up your property in the evening and even conduct routine property patrols out of hours to ensure your property is safe and secure. Our services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and are designed so that we can be there to deal with any situation at your business or commercial property so you don’t have to. In addition, they allow us to maximise the security of your property simultaneously minimising the potential risks to you and your staff while also providing convenience, peace of mind, police compliance and insurance benefits. For more information on our security services for commercial properties and business please browse our website or call us on 020 7627 0344

by sarah