Lost Your House Keys? OK, What Next?

Lost Your House Keys? OK, What Next?
It’s happened to everyone at some point—returning home after a day out and realising that you have lost your house keys. Whether you neglected to bring your keys out with you in the first place, or they simply fell out of your pocket or bag whilst you were out of the house, lost house keys are a remarkably common occurrence.  

According to a recent survey keys are, in fact, Brits’ most commonly-lost item. As a long term measure, people often resort to taking out an insurance policy for lost house keys, but a Guardian piece from 2017 has noted that key insurance is “probably the worst value” of any home emergency policy, with 20% of claims rejected altogether.

But if you have just lost your house keys, what to do in the short term will be of far more pressing concern. An insurance policy won’t get you back into your house when you’re stuck outside. So what steps can you take in the immediate aftermath of realising your house keys are lost?


If you have lost your keys, even with no spare: don’t panic

It may not be technical, but this is the most important advice to keep in mind. Whether or not you are a client of CMS Keyholding already, there is always a solution if you have lost your house keys. Trying to gain entry by breaking into your own property or leaving a spare key with a friend who may or may not be available when you actually need them is no match for a reliable keyholding service. For those who are with us, you can rest assured that safe entry to your home is only a phone call away.

If not, and you’re wondering to yourself well, what is keyholding, here’s a brief explanation: we keep a copy of our customers’ keys, and in the event of an emergency, or if you are locked out of your home, simply get in touch with our office. One of our SIA-accredited Key Guards will then travel to your property to let you in, and conduct a security check of your home to ensure that there has been no further breach of your security. Our keyguards can also make suggestions the best course of action to take in the event that you have indeed lost your keys.

Think of keyholding as a more secure version of keeping a spare key under the mat or with a family member or friend Hiding a key on your property may be handy if you have lost your key, but looking under plant pots or doormats will be the first thing an intruder will do to gain access to a property. Asking from friends and family to safeguard a copy of your keys and be on call when needed is also inconvenient as there is no guarantee that they will be available and reachable 24/7 when you need them. By hiring a keyholding service, you will have access to a spare key, delivered direct to your home by a trained security professional, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Should I change my locks if I’ve lost my keys?

  The decision to change your locks after losing your keys primarily depends on what happens once you regain entry to your home. If your set of keys are in your property, then this won’t be an issue, but if they went missing whilst you were out of the house, or you have lost your keys with no spare, the concern is understandable. This is especially pertinent if your key is attached to a keyring with some form of identification on it, whether it be a photo or another form of ID, and it would be essential to change your locks in this scenario.   However, rather than replacing your lock altogether, we recommend that you instead have your lock rekeyed; whilst replacing a lock is crucial in the right circumstances, this is usually to replace mechanical damage. Rekeying a lock simply involves replacing its main cylinder, which would activate a different combination of pins within the interior of the lock, necessitating a new set of keys. This will also give your locksmith, who will be provided by our parent company Banham, a chance to inspect your lock to ensure that no additional damage has come to your lock since it was installed.    

by sarah