Alarm Response

Alarm Response

Alarm Response

CMS Keyholding offers emergency alarm response services for all properties. If your security system has been activated whilst you are away from your home or office, our SIA-trained Key Guards can provide fast response at any time, day or night. Our alarm response services include rapid response to:
  • Alarm system activations
  • Reports of break-ins
  • Attendance requests from emergency services

How CMS Keyholding help

Professional keyholding services are essential in complying with many insurance policies. When an alarm system is not functioning, your insurance may be nullified—a risk which can be avoided by our ability to maintain security at your premises, if required.   For your alarm system to be granted police response, the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) also requires that each premises must have at least two keyholders, one of whom must be available at all times. Each keyholder must have a telephone, a means of transport, and must be capable of responding quickly to an attendance request, day or night. If not, police response to your property may be withdrawn. With CMS Keyholding appointed as your keyholders, you automatically comply with all police requirements.   Whether you are interested in commercial or residential alarm response services, CMS Keyholding offers bespoke security solutions that will meet your needs.   Contents Commercial Alarm Response Residential Alarm Response    

Your business is safe at all times with CMS Keyholding

Our alarm response service, and other associated security services, is designed with the security needs of your business and the safety of your staff in mind. Our commercial alarm response service ensures that your business will be in safe hands if your security alarm is triggered. Our accredited Key Guards have years of professional experience in responding to emergencies of all types, from power outages and vandalism to burglary, gas leaks and fire. Our business alarm response services include:
  • Emergency services attendance requests
  • All activated monitored alarm systems
  • Reported on-site break-ins

Benefits of professional keyholding and alarm response for your business

With CMS Keyholding you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your business is safe 24/7, 365 days a year. From alarm activations response to routine locks and unlocks, we offer comprehensive security services that can be tailored to your specific requirements.   With CMS Keyholding’s commercial alarm response services you will:
  • Receive 24/7, 365 days a year attendance.
  • Benefit from swift response with the use of high-powered motorbikes.
  • Entrust security-sensitive tasks to our SIA-licenced and thoroughly-vetted Key Guards.
  • Avoid exposing yourself and your staff to potential danger
  • Avoid any possible disruptions of business due to unforeseen circumstances and emergencies
  • Rest assured that your property is safe even when you are away, or when you need to close your business for a longer period of time

We can also provide:

  • Routine visits and security checks, both internal and external, to ensure that there are no threats to your business.
  • Vacant property security services and routine checks at pre-arranged dates and times.
Our Key Guards are trained to deal with all types of emergencies, and often the presence of our Key Guards alone acts as an effective deterrent to intruders and thieves. Following every call out, you will receive a detailed report for your records which you can easily reference in the future.  

Services designed for the needs of your business

Our services also ensure that your security measures are compliant with your insurance policy. In the event that your alarm does not work, the majority of insurance providers will prevent you from making a claim on any damage or intrusion. By enlisting CMS Keyholding to look after your business, we can help you avoid this adversity through our ability to maintain security at your premises at all times. Going beyond conventional alarm response and professional keyholding, CMS Keyholding has expanded its services to prioritise the safety of you and your staff, especially during out of business hours. Among other services, we can provide lone worker protection, mobile patrols, and security escorts ensuring that your employees will never find themselves in a threatening situation. Whether it’s a routine task or an emergency call out, our Key Guards will attend the designated spot and undertake any necessary actions to keep your staff safe and your business secure.  

Covering London and the Southeast

With units on standby in Southwest London, Barnet, Guildford, and Worthing, we provide full coverage of London and the Southeast, with rapid response times ensuring that any and every emergency is dealt with in an efficient and timely manner. Enjoy peace of mind for your business with CMS Keyholding  

Residential Alarm Response

  Put Your Trust in CMS Keyholding By putting your trust in our alarm response services, we can guarantee you peace of mind that your home is being looked after 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We will respond to burglar alarm, fire alarm, and panic alarm activations, and any other emergencies at any time, keeping you, your family, and your property safe. In the event of a burglary at your home, rapid response from our highly trained and experienced Key Guards eliminates the potential risk to you and your loved ones. Our alarm response services for homes include rapid response to:
  • All domestic alarm system activations
  • All reports of residential break-ins
  • Requests of attendance from the emergency services

Benefits of using CMS Keyholding

  • Our Key Guards stand by 24/7, 365 days a year to attend your home upon alarm activations, or at your request.
  • Avoid putting yourself or your family at risk by letting trained professionals handle any emergencies.
  • Alleviate any inconvenience from asking friends or neighbours to keep a spare set of keys or to attend your home when you are away.
  • Enjoy a stress-free time when leaving your home unattended for longer periods of time.
  • Our Key Guards make use of high-powered motorcycles to ensure a swift response.
  • After every callout, you will receive a detailed report for your records.

Rapid alarm response services for complete peace of mind

Rest assured that any alarm activation will be dealt with in the most effective and efficient manner as our staff are trained to deal with emergency and potentially dangerous situations and will liaise with the corresponding authorities on your behalf to ensure that all the necessary actions have been taken. Furthermore, our Key Guards can remain on site until the premises are fully secure and safe for you and your family. As we keep a copy of your keys in a secure off-site location, you will avoid having to deal with any unnecessary damage to your property that could be caused by the authorities trying to gain access to the premises via force during an emergency. Key Guards will enter your house, upon your request, or upon an alarm activation using a spare set of keys and ensure that the premises are safe from all threats. Before leaving, they will check all entry points, rearm your alarm system and ensure that everything’s as you left it. Following every callout, we will provide you with a full report of our findings and any actions taken to resolve the situation. Banham Security (also known as CMS Keyholding Limited) holds SIA Approved Contractor status for the provision of keyholding services and all our Key Guards, as well as alarm receiving operators, are fully vetted and hold SIA licences.  

More than a keyholding company

CMS Keyholding goes beyond alarm response and conventional keyholding to provide a comprehensive and holistic suite of services that will cater to the nuanced needs of our discerning customers. This includes:
  • Attending lockouts and lock ins
  • Internal & external security checks
  • Providing access to contractors and tradesmen
  • Routine security checks
  • Feeding pets & watering plants
  • Attending important deliveries
  • Checking utility meters and taking readings
  • Vacant property checks
  • Secure courier services
  • Lockups and resetting alarms
  • Collecting important documents and items
Entrust CMS Keyholding to cover all your security concerns.