Lock And Unlock

Keyholding & Emergency Response  

Secure Locking and Unlocking Services

At CMS Keyholding, we understand that there are some working days where your staff will need to stay late, or arrive long before 9am. If you are working in a warehouse or factory, your premises will often need to be ready for business whilst it is still dark. Putting the responsibility to lock and unlock your property on a member of staff can be a dangerous burden, regardless of the size of the space. Our lock up services are ideal for companies with a busy workforce, who are seeking assistance in securing their premises at the start and end of a working day. By choosing CMS Keyholding’s lock and unlock service, licensed Key Guards can routinely visit your commercial property at times which suit your operating hours. Reduce security concerns with our locking and unlocking services:
  • We conduct security inspections
  • We offer convenient, flexible arrangements
  • Our staff are SIA trained

Our lock up services ensure that all of your doors and windows are locked before leaving and unlocked in time for the start of the working day. They can also set alarms, and patrol your property before opening hours. CMS Keyholding’s security patrols can make certain that, at the start and end of every working day, everything in your premises is left according to your instructions.