Secure Courier Services

Secure Courier Services


CMS Keyholding is a professional alarm response and keyholding company, whose aim is to give you the peace of mind that everything is taken care of when you can’t be at your home or business premises. On a day-to-day basis, there are few situations where this peace of mind is more important than the safe delivery of your post.


Part of our carefully curated range of services are secure courier services. These secure courier services are particularly effective when you need to ensure the safe and timely delivery of valuable items. CMS Keyholding’s courier service puts security first, utilising the expertise and training of security professionals in carrying out secure deliveries.


Within the last five years, the courier service industry has experienced a significant increase in usage, and the number of parcels sent every year is estimated to grow by 40% by 2019, reaching three billion by the end of the decade. When required, the majority of people tend to choose a specialist courier company for their deliveries, CMS Keyholding’s increased focus on security and efficiency makes our delivery service the most useful option on the market.


What is a secure courier service?

Secure courier services exist to ensure that a customer’s delivery is taken to its destination in the safest, speediest manner possible. As an SIA-accredited company, CMS Keyholding ensure that your confidential information or valuable packages are sent directly to its intended recipient with the most effective courier security in place. Our secure courier service can provide:

  • delivery services from trained security professionals
  • tracked packages, and regular updates on the status of your delivery
  • same day delivery, wherever possible

There is no need to abandon the Royal Mail and the ‘conventional’ post services altogether; there are still times a simple stamp and envelope will suffice. However, whilst Royal Mail and other courier companies offer special delivery services for valuables and other expensive items, they simply insure the sender against potential loss or damage, rather than guaranteeing safe and secure delivery.


In an ideal world, loss and damage would not even be a possibility, let alone something you would need special insurance for. Using the secure courier services of an SIA-accredited company such as CMS Keyholding provides you with the lowest possible risk of damage or loss, meaning it is almost essential to use a security firm which offers courier services in these situations.


Why should someone consider using a secure courier service?

A secure courier service makes sure that your delivery reaches its destination safely, with zero risk of an important item getting lost. Junk mail aside, no documents sent through the post deserve to go missing, but according to a recent Ofcom survey, 6% of business mail is lost and 27% of private respondents claimed that their post had been lost or damaged in the past year.


Consequently, if you need to send important identification documents such as your passport or birth certificate, a secure courier service can make sure they get to their intended recipient quickly and without intervention. We know that the process to replace these documents can be long, difficult and inconvenient, and we want you to have the peace of mind that you won’t need to.


As an SIA-accredited company, CMS Keyholding is guaranteed to provide the best in-class service, meeting and surpassing the highest industry standards. Our team are trained to handle your personal and classified documents with the utmost care, transporting sensitive documents for private and business use from one destination to another, whenever you need them.


Secure couriers are also recommended if you need to send valuable items, which is particularly pertinent to online vendors. A Citizens Advice Bureau study revealed two thirds of online shoppers suffer problems with parcel delivery. If you are selling valuable items such as jewellery, one-of-a-kind artworks, or items of high sentimental value, using a secure courier is the only way to be certain your items will reach their intended recipient.


Damaged goods can damage business. Not only will you have to shell out on refunds for unsatisfied customers, but you’ll also have to suffer the damage to your reputation as a trusted online store. The costs to your business will far outweigh the price of a secure courier service.


CMS Keyholding’s wide range of services can benefit both residential and commercial properties, creating the potential for all online retailers to be covered with alarm response, keyholding services, and secure courier services when required.


How do I organise secure courier delivery?

As we’ve discussed, conventional delivery, either from the Royal Mail or non-SIA accredited companies, is subject to more risks with getting parcels to the right people. Everyone who has ever picked up their post in the morning will be familiar with the “sorry we missed you” or “we left this with your neighbour” cards that are often hastily popped through letterboxes.


No matter how safe and secure the delivery method itself, if an item gets returned to your local post office due to a missed delivery, you may not receive it in time and you have to either reschedule the delivery date or pick it up yourself. If it gets delivered to your neighbour, it may not arrive when you need it either; it might also not be the kind of item you could trust your neighbour with.


Secure courier delivery avoids all of this and takes ‘conventional’ courier services a step further. The highly-trained Key Guards from CMS Keyholding offer flexible delivery times to allow for a drop-off that suits your schedule, as all our services are available 24/7, 365 days a year.


Additionally, as a professional alarm response and keyholding company, you can request that our Key Guards let themselves into your property and leave your package in a pre-specified safe spot so that it will be there when you arrive, hassle-free, conveniently, and securely.

For more information about our secure courier services, contact us today to find out how your home or business can benefit from CMS Keyholding.